Friday, 14 December 2012

Farewell Class of 2012

So hard to believe another Year has ended ... Thank you my 2012 class of Rubies and Rebels ... You have been the bubbles and fizz in my champagne of life. Cheers!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The HUMBLE Bread Tag

Using bread tags (and Aunty Maud's craft activity), we've made these beautiful gifts for our Buddies for Christmas.

Simply wrap the first two and tie off with a knot.

Next, wrap each new tag to the set.

Once you have the required length (we use 19), tie off and use left over for a loop for hanging.

Then wrap, blanket style, using another colour.

Add dots of glitter paint.

Use a hot glue gun to fasten a photo to the back.

Ta -dah!!   Merry Christmas!

Looks like Reindeer ...

We've made these great reindeer from our handprints and a footprint. 

 They can be made by tracing around a shoe if you don't want the footprint experience!!

 We think they look great!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Yesterday was my birthday. At my age, usually "Just another day"...BUT...
my school mum's had another idea.... They all left my room, obviously gathered
outside, and re-entered singing "Happy Birthday", holding cakes, cards, flowers
and gifts and a HUGE hamper full of goodies.  It was like a Christmas Hamper
with a Birthday twist!!! WOW! You ladies made my day and humbled my soul.
It took me half and hour to look at everything in the basket... and what fun it was!!
I felt like a little child again!!
Thank you!! xx

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nursery Rhyme Dress-up Day

Recently, we celebrated our Learning about Nursery
Rhymes and Fairy Tales. We had a Dress-up Day.
What a great effort by our fabulous mums and dads.
Every child was in costume. You guys Rock!!
The Cat and the Fiddle

Jack (minus Jill)

Fairy Godmother

Snow White

Jack fell down and broke his crown.


Jack and his pail.

 The Driver of "The Wheel's on the Bus"
The Witch

Pat-a-cake Baker's Man

A Princess

Hickory, Dickory Doulder - the mouse is on my shoulder...

The Farmer in the Dell

Little Red Riding Ruby

Old MacDonald had a Farm

A fairy

The Cat with a Fiddle ... tidddle, diddle

AAAaarrrrgh! A Pirate.

The Giant -Fee Fi Fo Fum!