Saturday, 23 November 2013


Welcome to our Blog Hop
 "Christmas Down Under"!!

There are 8 wonderful Teachers wishing to share their talents with you, here.
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I have two great freebies for you in this hop.
The first is my "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" Banner.
It was designed to put up when everything else has to come down!
You can also pick up a paid set of banners with
"Merry Christmas"
"Ho Ho Ho"
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Freebie No 2.
Is a Christmas Maths Game.
It is called "Add the Koalas".
It's a great way to learn how to add and to consolidate the addition concept.
Just for some Aussie Fun - A great Aussie Christmas Song!
Now you should visit the other 7 Bloggers on the hop to grab some more freebies and add them to your sack.
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Have a Ripper of a Christmas, Every-one!


Monday, 18 November 2013

Stay tuned for our Aussie Teacher's CHRISTMAS DOWN UNDER Blog Hop!

A wonderful and very talented group of Colleagues are coming together to offer you some Aussie Christmas Fun!!
Keep your eyes peeled for our
Coming soon!!
Starts Sunday 24th Nov. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I have made some Christmas Banners to decorate my room.
They are in the sets of
Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas.
They nearly sent me nuts trying to work out which letters go with which fonts ... and which colours I've already made 'n' such ... but they did turn out well and ...
If you'd like a copy, they are available at my TpT Store.
If you're not yet a follower, and you'd like to be, follow my blog and leave me a message and I'll send you a free copy of the banner
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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween High jinx

We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia much, but this year our P & C decided to theme our fancy dress ball
"Halloween Theme".
Well, there was much blood and plenty of ghouls and innumerable witches and broomsticks ... but I went as a cupcake!
...and these two beauty's are my daughters!
I had plenty of askers ... "How is a cupcake scary?" 
... to many, I replied "BOO!"
... but to some I just said ... "Icing ... you get scared!" 
 Hahaha! Get it???   "I sing" ugh!
How about this one??
"You wanna piece of me?"   
... well, I am a cupcake, after all!
Wait ... there's more ....
"How are you, Jody?"
"I'm beat!" bwhahahaha!
What about ....
"Never felt batter!" (yeah ... better ... but I'm made of batter!)
Okay, okay ...
"Don't FOIL my plans!"
Yeah ... I got a milliom of 'em!!
Spent too much time with 5 year olds!
Anyway, we had a great night (though the extent of my dancing was a mere up & down bouncing -type movement).
If you'd like a copy of my free cupcake addition sheet please

If you are wondering why did she go as a cupcake??? I suggest you ask yourself ...
"Have I ever met a cupcake I didn't like?"

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Learning About Landscapes in Science

We are only little Preps, but don't the idea of us being 5 years of age, fool you!! We have been learning all about different kinds of landscapes. The first one we discovered was the 'Cane Farm'. (Very appropriate considering we are in Sugar Country!!) ... how do these coincidences keep occurring??
We decided to make a cane farm in our classroom. Different children took on different roles but we all worked as a team.
This is how it worked out...
We made cane from rolled up newspaper and placed them in
between blocks, as the soil.
This is the tall cane, ready to be harvested.

 These are farm sheds.

A harvester ...
and a tractor ramp.

So much learning ... So much fun!!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Birthdays, Cupcakes & Celebrations!

Little Mr 'B' turned 6 this week and he brought in some cupcake treats for the class to share. They looked so great, I wanted to share with you too!

Lolly Tops with a swish of cream icing to hold them on.
An easy and effective Birthday Treat!
Happy Birthday Little Man!


We've been discussing Growing Patterns in class this week and have been revisiting Repeating Patterns. We certainly had a lot of fun working with patterns and checking to see if others thought our patterns were "growing" or "repeating".


We used Peg Boards.

We worked out how to grow our names ...

We used Geoboards and rubber bands ...
... but we had the most fun with the bottle tops!

Miss Karley was even in on the fun!

Growing Patterns are GREAT!


Tuesday, 30 July 2013


As part of the 'Facts' Deal, we decided to learn a little about Penguins. We found our information in books and online. Next, we wrote out a number of factual sentences about Penguins. Then, we choose which sentences we would like to write on our own Penguin. Here are some of our efforts.

If you would like to download a copy of this Penguin for your own little tikes,