Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Excitement

We had a wonderful lead up to the Easter Hat Parade and a special visit from the white whiskered wabbit. So many smiles!! ... and how does that bunny dust get in so many places?? Rascally Rabbit!


But now for a well earned break ... at least Mrs Ward thinks so!! I'm hoping to paint a little, laugh a lot and torch some beads for a change!!
Happy Easter every bunny! Hope you are spoilt with deliciousness!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Addition Dice

I found these great little salt and pepper shakers in the $2 Shop.
I'm going to put two dice in them, one in each side and
use them as an addition tool.
I've drawn up a quick little worksheet.
Put the values of the dice in each flower box then add
the two and put the answer in the box.
Children can shake 'til their hearts' are content and they
will never get lost!!

Monday, 18 March 2013

An Easter Gift for our Year 7 Buddies

Each new year at Kalkie, we link up a Preppie with a Year 7 Buddy. We love our buddies and they help us so much throughout the year. We are going to make them a special Easter Gift. We'll have small cellophane bags, marshmallows and the stencil I have made to TOP the goodies bag. We'll make them in group activity time.
We hope they like them!!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Five for Friday - Not so sure I know what I'm
doing ... but here goes!!
* Some-one might inform me how I join the link with the image?? :{
Okay - So it's actually Sunday, but I'm sure I can still post!!
1. It's been a long week for my family since being notified of my Father-in-law's Stroke last Saturday.
He suffered a very large bleed in his brain but, miraculously, has shown steady improvement with each passing day. 
Get well soon, Grandad!
2. I've been busy making Easter Goodies for my store and blog. See my post below for a FREEBIE!

 3. Said to my sister (my wonderful teaching partner) "I need to find some great little rabbits for my new Easter Games" .... and guess what I found at the $2 shop ... yep - found these great little bunnies. They are going to become the markers / counters for my game! YAY Me!! 

 4. Spied these two cheeky rats having fun and dancing whilst my back was turned!!
"Dance like no-one is watching"
5. Patterns, PATTERNS, Patterns
We have been learning about Patterns this week. Counters, milk bottle lids, teddies, dinosaurs, farm animals, shapes, sticky dots ... anything we could get our hands on!!

 For my Teddies Worksheet click on the link below.

For this freebie



Susan at First Grade Friendly Froggies is having a Birthday!

Check out Susan's Awesome Birthday Giveaway
over at First Grade Friendly Froggies.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Easter Game Giveaway

Easter Egg Pegs - A Numbers 1-10 Recognition Game.
To celebrate 900 visitors to my  Blog,
I wish to offer you a freebie game for your classroom,
or just to use with your littlies at home.
This is my first Google docs file - so I hope it works!! Please contact me
if you have any problems with the download.

You will need to download and print the document.

Print as many copies of the 'Egg Board' as you require.
Next, laminate the number cardsegg boards and as many 'Bunnies' as you need. Cut out the number of Eggs and bunnies you require.
Glue bunnies onto a peg. (Hot Glue Gun recommended)
The children use the 'Egg Board' and a
'Bunny Peg' to find the correct answer to the Number Card you hold up.
                                                                     Download Now

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Little Kalkie Kid

Here at Kalkie, we are very proud to be "A Kalkie Kid"
and follow "The 5 C's".
...and to show how proud we are, we have made 'Kalkie Kids' and dressed them in our uniforms.

We also have a little poem to be proud of!

 You will need the stencil and cut pieces of paper in
the colours of your uniform and simply glue them on.

For your copy of the 'Little People' download now at:

Friday, 1 March 2013

A Freebie!!

During our mini Unit on "Squares" & "Colour",  we read the Story "Elmer" by David McKee.
Since it is one of our favourites, we decided to make
our own "Elmer".

They turned out very colourful and quite special!
To download this FREEBIE, please visit my TpT Store
using the link below.