Saturday, 28 March 2015

Let's Build a Farm

We are learning about FARMS at the moment, so what better way to discover a
Farm's features, than to make one ???

We started with a list of the items we would find on a farm.
We discussed the tools we had to work with ... i.e. Lego / Blocks /Toy animals / Newspaper / Cardboard / Tape etc. ... and they ways in which we should use them.
I divided the children into small groups according to their interests and they began creating their own little piece of the Farm.

The Farmer's Dwelling

A place for the cows to live.


The Pig Sty
Horse Stable

We made cane as the crops.

... and several shelters for the animals ...

We then created labels for our farm so every-one could read these and know what we had made.

Ohhhh WOW! So much "learning mess"!!