Sunday, 9 August 2015

Let's Go Fly a Kite...

Learning how things work, is so amazing for little minds and they simply love learning about the things they have made. We've most recently made kites and discussed the effects of the wind and the reasons behind why kites fly.

We made our own using a simple piece of A4 paper. They work so well and are quite the little flyers!
If you like to be prepared, like I do, then you might want to fold up a set of kites...

... and strings on paddlepop sticks.   A set of tails will also help.

Start with a piece of A4 paper and fold in half, then down as pictured.

Then open ...

 ... and make the wings flat.

Punch a hole on the smaller side of the under carriage.
This is where the string will attach.

Flip over and attach a straw for securing the wings. Attach a streamer of crepe paper for a tail.

Let the fun begin!

 You might find naming them handy ... especially once tangled .... hmmmmm....... Fun, right??!