Saturday, 25 January 2014

The Power of Words

Welcome to the 2014 School Year!
As we, in the Southern Hemisphere, head into a new school year, I intend to present to my newbies the wonder and power of words.

We have the honour, this year to be able to make friends with a special little guy, whom I'm hoping will gain as much from us, as I know he will give.
With "differences" often being our focus, I hope to enlighten my littlies that words can be powerful.
It is our differences that make us special, unique and individual.
Differences should be celebrated.
Words can hurt & Words can heal,
but words can change peoples lives.
I want them to learn that words lead to thoughts and
thoughts lead to beliefs.
 I want them to know they have entered an "I CAN" room as opposed to an "I Can't".
Words are Powerful, but is how we use them that makes the difference.
I hope you get the opportunity to use the 'power' today!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Freebie Linky

Nancy's having a freebie linky Thank Goodness It's Free!  T.G.I.F and I've joined up with her to offer a freebie from my blog. If you are interested in collecting other teacher freebies,
check out her blog!

Mine can be found here!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Holiday Artsy-Arting

Whilst being on Holidays, (Love,love love em!) I've been busy Artsy~ing. Drawing and painting and making some special pieces of jewellery and beads. I thought you might like to see what I've been up to...
This is my pink-haired fairy.

And my night-time sparkle fairy...
I'm working on some others and they may be ready to post soon.
This is a Daydream Island inspired bottle.
It has a tiny treasure map inside with some sand and shells.
It has a key attached, also, for the treasure chest!!
And some a little larger... with crystals on top.
 And some a little smaller ... one has a Teeny - Tiny Map, one has pearls (not reals ones though!), and the third has golden sand pearls with one tiny white pearl inside.
These are seriously Cute!