Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dial a Number

Since we are new at the "numbers" game, I thought of a fun way to get the children to recognize numerals from 0-9.
I made up number cards, laminated them and placed Velcro teeth on the back for sticking to the carpet. I then placed them on the carpet in a mobile phone array.
I called out a series of numbers (4 or 5) and the children had to tap or jump on the numbers in the correct sequence.
 I had a little toy phone and when they got it correct,
I hit the 'dial' button and it made a dialing noise.
 If they dialed the wrong number I hit a 'number' button and it 'beeped' - "Sorry, Wrong Number" and they got to try again.
What Fun we had!!  Shhhhh! - we're supposed to be learning!!

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  1. Mrs. Ward I love this idea! So cute and I bet the kids loved dialing their "phones". We are your newest follower. I couldn't find the code for your button :(


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