Sunday, 5 May 2013

Introducing CVC Words

We've been looking at sounds and how they come together to make words. CVC words are a great place to start. We started with 2 different coloured hoops on the carpet. 
The left had the Vowels A E I O U in it. The second hoop had all the Consonants.

Then, on 2 different coloured mats (the same as the hoops) I had the titles CVC.

The children had to choose a letter from the Consonant hoop, then one from the Vowel hoop, then a final sound that made sense, from the Consonant hoop.

We then wrote a list of all the words we made as we made them. We will add to the list as we stubble across more CVC words in our classroom.

NOW, CHECK THIS LITTLE TIKE NOT CROSSING THE MID-LINE ... but being very clever to test his ambidexterity.

He was making patterns using 2 different colours.
We are going to be doing some more Brain Gym this week.  :)


For all who have contributed or bought the 
Flood Fundraising Pack for Bundy...
We have raised $1083 for East Bundaberg State School!!!
My wildest thank you to you all!!
I will present them with a cheque as soon as the money comes through. :)

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