Saturday, 1 June 2013

Addition Games - Loads of Fun & Lots of Learning!

We have just introduced Addition in my classroom and some of us get it and some of us don't ...yet ... but through the use of these great little Addition Games, we'll ALL be getting it soon!!
You'll need the Boards to begin with.
This is the Cave Board for the Bears (I've printed it on A3 size paper for whole class use).


this is the Tree Board for the Owls.

You then need two dice. I use different colours so it is easier for little minds to distinguish between the 2 addition components.

These little guys need to, then, be laminated and cut for use.
You'll have a BLUE group and a YELLOW group of bears to add together.

a PURPLE  or GREEN set of owls.
Now, I like to have every-one connected to the task when we play a game in my classroom. I believe it makes for best practice and optimal learning ... so ...
I give every-one a whiteboard, marker & eraser (you could use blackboards and chalk) and the 'non-players' (every-one not rolling the dice) has a task.
Player 1 rolls the 'yellow' die and the class writes the amount
e.g.    4  +
 on their whiteboards
while Player 1 places 4 blue bears (or purple owls) on the board.
Then Player 1 rolls the 'red' die and the class writes the amount
e.g     4   +   6   =
on their whiteboards
while Player 1 places 6 yellow bears (or green owls) on the board.
The class then works out the answer
while Player 1 confirms the amount.
The whole process is then repeated with Player 2.

These great Addition Games are available in my TpT Store for just $2.00 each.
For your chance to use these Addition Games with your little bunnies,  


I hope you have as much fun as we do!!

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