Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The True Facts

To introduce our new theme about Facts and Factual Books, I loaded up a box of 'goodies'
and set off to school to have some fun!

I left the box in the middle of the carpet area with a note which read, "For all the little Fact Finders".

We wondered what might be in the box .... many of us thought it would be full of  'cupcakes' ???    YEP!!?? I have no idea why!! ..but let's just say that's the mind of a 5 year old....

We did actually write about what we thought was inside the box and who we thought brought it ... now that was interesting!!! ...

Just imagine our faces when we opened the lid to find a tonne of FACT BOOKS!!!! Yay!!!

We have been very busy reading and learning about 'true' things ever since!!

No-body seems to care that there were no cupcakes!!

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