Friday, 3 January 2014

Holiday Artsy-Arting

Whilst being on Holidays, (Love,love love em!) I've been busy Artsy~ing. Drawing and painting and making some special pieces of jewellery and beads. I thought you might like to see what I've been up to...
This is my pink-haired fairy.

And my night-time sparkle fairy...
I'm working on some others and they may be ready to post soon.
This is a Daydream Island inspired bottle.
It has a tiny treasure map inside with some sand and shells.
It has a key attached, also, for the treasure chest!!
And some a little larger... with crystals on top.
 And some a little smaller ... one has a Teeny - Tiny Map, one has pearls (not reals ones though!), and the third has golden sand pearls with one tiny white pearl inside.
These are seriously Cute!

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