Saturday, 1 March 2014

Group work in Prep.

I wanted to share with you, the way I organise group activities
with my Preps.
I start with 4 groups -  RED, GREEN, BLUE & YELLOW.
Each group has a list of names written on a card to help our mums with names and to help with organization. When you're 5, you like to go anywhere and everywhere, so this helps keep every-one in the right place. ...  well, most of the time, anyway!

There are four different activities each session and I have 4 adults to help. This is usually 2 parent helpers, my aide and myself. Each group lines up with a different leader, chosen by the adult at the table, and walks to the next activity once I have rung the bell. I make it very structured so every-one knows where they are going and what their next activity will be.
This week, we worked with 10 sight words. I had 3 copies of the words written on cards for 3 tables, the play dough table used mats.

The activities were:
Stamping the words.
Writing the words.
Spelling the words using magnetic letters.
Play dough fun - make the words using word mats.

Sessions last 15 mins which makes groups last an hour.
I organize a Roster of parents who can help and I write their days on the roster. We all get a copy and they let me know if they can't make it on their day and we see if we can swap with some-one.
Groups really focus the learning for the children. They are fun and effective and the children don't realize they are actually learning.
Just the way I like it!


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