Thursday, 15 June 2017

Learn about Time

Time time telling is always difficult to understand. So many maths concepts are set to base ten numbers but time has 60 mins in 1 hour and all those numbers, and matching them with 5 minute interval numbers, time past and time to, and halves and quarters ... 
Phew! No wonder it's a tough task to master!

So..., because I think children learn best by 'doing', I decided to create a lesson where children can touch all the parts of the clock and move them around.

I started by drawing a large circle on the carpet with chalk. (This is a common tool in my classroom, as chalk simply sweeps off the carpet leaving no trace.)

I had prepared numerals on coloured sheets of paper. I purposely made numbers that sit opposite on the clock, the same colour, so they look like 'pairs'.

I also had organised the 'digital increments' of 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. so they could be placed 
on the exterior of the clock face.

Cards with o'clock times, half past and quarter past times were also prepared and ready for use.

I had 2 rolls of paper wrap which I used as the hands of the clock.
So, the lesson started....

I asked individual children to place numerals on the circle in the places they felt they belonged.

I gave children a time and they had to use the hands to make that time. We also made the matching digital time to use as a visual.

Such a fun way to learn! 

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