Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Learning About Landscapes in Science

We are only little Preps, but don't the idea of us being 5 years of age, fool you!! We have been learning all about different kinds of landscapes. The first one we discovered was the 'Cane Farm'. (Very appropriate considering we are in Sugar Country!!) ... how do these coincidences keep occurring??
We decided to make a cane farm in our classroom. Different children took on different roles but we all worked as a team.
This is how it worked out...
We made cane from rolled up newspaper and placed them in
between blocks, as the soil.
This is the tall cane, ready to be harvested.

 These are farm sheds.

A harvester ...
and a tractor ramp.

So much learning ... So much fun!!


  1. Love it! Don't they learn so much through play and creating, awesome job!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. Yes, Tania! I agree ... too little of it happening, now, though!! :(

  3. This is an awesome post Jody - I just love seeing what your students have created and the depth of their learning through play :) Kylie