Saturday, 2 November 2013

Halloween High jinx

We don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia much, but this year our P & C decided to theme our fancy dress ball
"Halloween Theme".
Well, there was much blood and plenty of ghouls and innumerable witches and broomsticks ... but I went as a cupcake!
...and these two beauty's are my daughters!
I had plenty of askers ... "How is a cupcake scary?" 
... to many, I replied "BOO!"
... but to some I just said ... "Icing ... you get scared!" 
 Hahaha! Get it???   "I sing" ugh!
How about this one??
"You wanna piece of me?"   
... well, I am a cupcake, after all!
Wait ... there's more ....
"How are you, Jody?"
"I'm beat!" bwhahahaha!
What about ....
"Never felt batter!" (yeah ... better ... but I'm made of batter!)
Okay, okay ...
"Don't FOIL my plans!"
Yeah ... I got a milliom of 'em!!
Spent too much time with 5 year olds!
Anyway, we had a great night (though the extent of my dancing was a mere up & down bouncing -type movement).
If you'd like a copy of my free cupcake addition sheet please

If you are wondering why did she go as a cupcake??? I suggest you ask yourself ...
"Have I ever met a cupcake I didn't like?"


  1. Hahaha! Thanks Kylie! At least I made one person laugh today! My kids look at me with that OMG look of disgust and say "MUM, You think you are funny ... but you are not!" Thanks for the support children of my womb!

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