Saturday, 16 March 2013

Five for Friday - Not so sure I know what I'm
doing ... but here goes!!
* Some-one might inform me how I join the link with the image?? :{
Okay - So it's actually Sunday, but I'm sure I can still post!!
1. It's been a long week for my family since being notified of my Father-in-law's Stroke last Saturday.
He suffered a very large bleed in his brain but, miraculously, has shown steady improvement with each passing day. 
Get well soon, Grandad!
2. I've been busy making Easter Goodies for my store and blog. See my post below for a FREEBIE!

 3. Said to my sister (my wonderful teaching partner) "I need to find some great little rabbits for my new Easter Games" .... and guess what I found at the $2 shop ... yep - found these great little bunnies. They are going to become the markers / counters for my game! YAY Me!! 

 4. Spied these two cheeky rats having fun and dancing whilst my back was turned!!
"Dance like no-one is watching"
5. Patterns, PATTERNS, Patterns
We have been learning about Patterns this week. Counters, milk bottle lids, teddies, dinosaurs, farm animals, shapes, sticky dots ... anything we could get our hands on!!

 For my Teddies Worksheet click on the link below.

For this freebie



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