Sunday, 24 March 2013

Addition Dice

I found these great little salt and pepper shakers in the $2 Shop.
I'm going to put two dice in them, one in each side and
use them as an addition tool.
I've drawn up a quick little worksheet.
Put the values of the dice in each flower box then add
the two and put the answer in the box.
Children can shake 'til their hearts' are content and they
will never get lost!!


  1. I love the containers! I do something similar with small "dollar spot" containers and it's so nice not have dice flying through the air! Oriental trading sells eraser dice and they are so quiet! You have to get them! It has made my classroom quieter during math tubs.


    1. I now have a new mission ... the discovery of rubber dice!! Haha! I actually have an oversized die - about 40cm x 40cm. The kids love it as it takes quite a bit of effort to make it turn. Great for little muscles and made from foam - great for whole class activities. :)