Friday, 15 March 2013

Easter Game Giveaway

Easter Egg Pegs - A Numbers 1-10 Recognition Game.
To celebrate 900 visitors to my  Blog,
I wish to offer you a freebie game for your classroom,
or just to use with your littlies at home.
This is my first Google docs file - so I hope it works!! Please contact me
if you have any problems with the download.

You will need to download and print the document.

Print as many copies of the 'Egg Board' as you require.
Next, laminate the number cardsegg boards and as many 'Bunnies' as you need. Cut out the number of Eggs and bunnies you require.
Glue bunnies onto a peg. (Hot Glue Gun recommended)
The children use the 'Egg Board' and a
'Bunny Peg' to find the correct answer to the Number Card you hold up.
                                                                     Download Now

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