Saturday, 20 April 2013

A New, Fun Game for the classroom.

I have created a great little game, almost by accident, in which children learn and consolidate concepts, socialize and learn acceptance and have fun at the same time.
I am hoping no-one has major objections to us 'robbing' each other as the children absolutely love it!!  I do suggest that we are 'borrowing' from each other but they continue to insist that 'stealing cards' is much more fun! They even ask for the 'robbers' to steal their own cards from them.... :)  We played with large cards and a large die the first time, but a smaller set in later games. The sets in the downloads are small sets.

You need to begin with a set of concept cards. These can be anything you wish to consolidate with your class. I shall discuss "Alphabet Cards" here, as they are my freebie offering to you, but I have sets available in my Store which cover Shapes / Colours / Numerals / Rainbow Facts / Doubles Facts and more.
Click on the item above to find the cards in store.
You will need a die or dice, a set of cards and the instructions are in the download.
For your copy of the "Ridiculous Robbers" - Alphabet Game






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  1. Jody, I love this game! I teach kindergarten in Maryland (in the USA), and I have something like this but with ABC superheroes instead. The illustrations were drawn for me by an up-and-coming graphic designer. I really like a lot of the rules that you've made up for when you do this game with your kids. It sounds like so much fun!

    The latest post on my own blog has some amusement park freebies, if you'd like to take a look.

    Your newest follower,

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight