Friday, 12 April 2013

OMG! I'm so excited!

I've finally managed to poke my sister hard enough to have her create and upload her first TpT products and with that feat, came the inspiration to make my own animated, working Powerpoint to go with one of my products.
Her little masterpiece is designed for the students in your class to tap their name and icon upon arrival, and they skip happily into class. Very cute and a great way to notice which students are absent for the day ...providing they all 'tap in'.    :)  She has included instructions for how to add the names of the children in your class - too easy!!  She has it for a special introductory price of just $1.  BARGAIN!!   
She's also got a fantastic set of alphabet powerpoints for use with the introduction of each new letter. These are in Queensland font and a bat & ball font.

...and mine goes with my "Bears in a Cave" Pack which is on a previous blog.

It is just too cute for words (Yep, Modesty has left the building!) First, you begin with the number of bears you wish the children to partition. Scroll to the page with this number in the "We started with ..." box. Then quickly tap the little bear bellies or feet and they will scoot off into cave. Now, I would, initially, allow the students to watch ... and the clever guys will count ... but after every-one has seen how it works, I would ask them to hide their beady little bloodshot eyes while the bears disappear so they CAN'T count 'em anymore and they have to rely on their knowledge and understanding of number. Once given the time and opportunity to work out and write down the answer, click on the cave and it will disappear leaving the little bears to be counted. You will quickly see those  in your class who haven't grasped the concept of number value. 
I'd love for you to check them out.

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